Pumpkins012008 | Mike Wazowski

Pumpkins022009 | Shrek

Pumpkins032009 | Pumpkin cannibal

Pumpkins042009 | Jack Skellington

Pumpkins052010 | Minion

Pumpkins062011 | Angry Bird

Pumpkins072012 | Mario

Pumpkins082013 | Pirate skull

Pumpkins092014 | Mummy

Pumpkins102014 | Little Gimli

pumpkins112015 | Anger from Inside Out

pumpkins122016 | Gorrilla or Bigfoot?

Since 2008 it has become a tradition at my house to carve pumpkins for Halloween with my kids. I’ve really started to enjoy seeing what is possible with a very difficult medium. It’s become more of a sculpting/chiseling project trying always to get more depth and detail out of the pumpkins. As I collect tools and ideas, I challenge myself to take it further and continue to have fun with my family.