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Leadership Leadership

I have a broad set of experiences and skills that lend themselves to guiding others to work towards common goals.

3D 3D

From 3D graphics and planning to building furniture and carving pumpkins, I love working with my hands to create something useful and well-formed.

Web Design Web Design

I have over 10 years experience with various web technologies and services. I love good communication, solving problems and providing useful tools online.

Photo & Video Photo & Video

I have been a part of many video productions including storyboarding, shooting, and editing. I love inspiring others through crafting a well told story.

Motion Motion

I have always been drawn to the beauty of animation. I love how many skills it takes to properly break down broad ideas into attractive, easy to understand pieces.

Illustration Illustration

I love all forms of illustration from pen and ink to bezier curves and clean vectors. I have a passion for creating visually beautiful works.

From the Blog

3 Nov 2016

Inktober 2016 Review

Posted in Blog, Inktober
Inktober 2016 Review

Inktober 2016 is in the record books! I can’t believe I’ve been blessed enough to participate, and complete, 5 Inktober marathons now. It is always so much fun AND so much work! This year I tried to work smarter and cut out some of the production. Cell phone pics replaced polished scans, and social media […]

1 Nov 2015

Inktober 2015 Review

Posted in Blog, Inktober
Inktober 2015 Review

Inktober 2015 is finished! This was another great year putting random ink into a Moleskine journal for the sake of creative process, honing technique, and making it famous. Well… maybe not the famous part 😉 I’m still trying to nail my particular style, but also like to see how versatile I can get while I figure […]

31 Oct 2015

Inktober 2015 – Day 31

Posted in Inktober
Inktober 2015 – Day 31

The end is here! The marathon is over! Now what do I do with all my time!? After talking through an idea with a colleague at work this past week, I decided to pay tribute to one of the greats of our time… Hashtag the Dancing Panda from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! He’s […]