Inktober 2014 – Day 25

Posted on Oct 30, 2014 in Blog, Inktober



I wanted to draw a scene with a flying squirrel that needed help flying via a jetpack or some mechanical device. I also wanted to draw a scene with a kite, but didn’t know how to put a twist on it to make it interesting. Then it hit me, help a flying squirrel fly by tying a kite string to him and flying him like a kite! Bam, two birds – one stone. At the last minute as I was trying to figure out what woodland creature would be holding the other end of the string and, almost randomly, drew Bullwinkle there at the bottom (Comment below if you got that reference without me explaining it). I pulled out my new Kaweco fountain pen for this one and really enjoyed the crisp yet varied lines and tried my best not to overdraw this idea.

Ink used: Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen


  1. Ken dick

    Got it. Loved it.


  2. nathan else

    Not only did I get it, I am surprised that many people won’t. Not really surprised though. Great job!


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