Inktober 2015 – Day 22

Posted on Oct 23, 2015 in Blog, Inktober


Sometimes you just have to draw a cool creature like a goblin. No real story here or quippy twist that could go on a T-shirt, just a fun drawing. Sometimes, these are my most enjoyable pieces, were the concept is loose and I can just add my style and try different shapes and lines to attempt to portray what is in my head. Inktober is rounding mile 20 of the marathon and I’m starting to feel it. This is a great exercise and I love pushing my creativity every day, but there is always a time where I have to push through a wall and make smart choices with time and what I’m wanting to accomplish. Keep following the action, I’ll continue to draw and post till the end!

Ink used: Platinum Souhitsu Hanekofude Brush Pen


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