Inktober 2015 – Day 30

Posted on Oct 30, 2015 in Inktober


I really wanted to draw a sea monster. Its strange that scales and tentacles not have yet to make it into one of my drawings this year. So much for tradition!? But I did keep it cheesy! I thought it would be fun to take the concept of whale watching and substitute sea monsters in for the whales. Typing this now, I wonder if this was at all affecting by recently watching Jurassic World? A little behind the scenes – I found a great way to remove color underdrawings in Photoshop. I’ve been using a very effective technique this entire season which has saved a lot of time erasing or worrying about initial placement. If you are at all interested, mention something in the comments below and I’ll find the video and respond.

Ink used: Pilot Pocket Brush Pen – Soft and Tombow Dual Brush Pen – Grayscale

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