Inktober 2017 Review

Posted on Nov 2, 2017 in Blog, Inktober

Inktober 2017 is finished! 6 years in a row I've been able to participate in this challenge. That's a total of 186 drawings at an average of 2 hours each... well, let's just say a LOT of hours with a pen in my hand trying to improve my skills, communicate ideas, and engage with the artistic community. My skills aren't where I want them to be, but I do see a LOT of progress since 2012.

This year I tried out the drawing prompt list that Jake Parker provided on It was a new level of community engagement seeing people around the world putting their individual spin on a random daily word. It also brought a bit more of a challenge to the concept of each piece. I no longer could just pull from ideas stuck in my head. It was a total shift in thinking, but I really enjoyed it.

As always, I'm incredibly thankful and encouraged from my handful of 'fans' who have shown much love on the socials. It's fun to draw weird stuff, but it is even more fun to share and connect that weird stuff to others :) I'm also so appreciative of my wife and kids who let me take time and energy to draw silly drawings for no money and little recognition. It means a lot to me and I'm extremely thankful for their support! Here are all of the drawings from 2017:

Inktober2017_01Day 1: "SWIFT"

Inktober2017_02Day 2: "DIVIDED"

Inktober2017_03Day 3: "POISON"

Inktober2017_04Day 4: "UNDERWATER"

Inktober2017_05Day 5: "LONG"

Inktober2017_06Day 6: "SWORD"

Inktober2017_07Day 7: "SHY"

Inktober2017_08Day 8: "CROOKED"

Inktober2017_09Day 9: "SCREECH"

Inktober2017_10Day 10: "GIGANTIC"

Inktober2017_11Day 11: "RUN"

Inktober2017_12Day 12: "SHATTERED"

Inktober2017_13Day 13: "TEEMING"

Inktober2017_14Day 14: "FIERCE"

Inktober2017_15Day 15: "MYSTERIOUS"

Inktober2017_16Day 16: "FAT"

Inktober2017_17Day 17: "GRACEFUL"

Inktober2017_18Day 18: "FILTHY"

Inktober2017_19Day 19: "CLOUD"

Inktober2017_20Day 20: "DEEP"

Inktober2017_21Day 21: "FURIOUS"

Inktober2017_22Day 22: "TRAIL"

Inktober2017_23Day 23: "JUICY"

Inktober2017_24Day 24: "BLIND"

Inktober2017_25Day 25: "SHIP"

Inktober2017_26Day 26: "SQUEAK"

Inktober2017_27Day 27: "CLIMB"

Inktober2017_28Day 28: "FALL"

Inktober2017_29Day 29: "UNITED"

Inktober2017_30Day 30: "FOUND"

Inktober2017_31Day 31: "MASK"

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